TOUCH by Mirati Anti-Cellulite treatment with iontophoretic patches

Are you bikini ready?

Summer is here! Get bikini ready while you sleep and look fabulous this summer!

MIRATI is proud to present the TOUCH Anti-Cellulite patch, based on an innovative iontophoresis technology.

Anti-Cellulite patch has been designed to achieve a full action in the treatment of body weight reduction and treatment of cellulite. 

Thanks to iontophoresis technology and carefully selected active ingredients such as ginger, caffeine, cinnamon, artichoke and many more, the Anti-Cellulite patch has many benefits.

Reduces fat (and therefore volume) from localised areas

Improves skin appearance, reducing orange peel

Removes fluid accumulation

Minimizes water retention

TOUCH by Mirati Anti-Cellulite is dermatologically approved, safe and easy to use.

It is made in the European Union.

Its efficacy has been tested and confirmed by efficacy tests from indipendent laboratory.


It is the first of its kind of electrodynamic patch with alternate voltaic cells that uses the principle of iontophoresis to efficiently promote the transport of ions of the active ingredients through the skin as well as improve connective tissue and skin quality. A weak current that is generated as a result of contact between the patch and sweat induces this movement.

The electro magnetic field created by the patch generates an ionic channel that allows a more efficient absorption of the active ingredients migrating through the skin.

The electro-ionic action creates a “cellular massage” that promotes the exchange of oxygen between cells, revitalising the connective tissue. The patch stimulates an increase in the production of collagen, promoting the skin’s health and elasticity.

Instructions for use

Apply the patch on the intended area, allow to act through the night (8-12 h) and remove the next morning. 

Sachet containing 14 patches is sufficient for two-week treatment.

For great results a two-month treatment, with rests of 15 days between each treatment, is recommended.

Net weight:    32 grams

Size:  32mm x 32mm

Product VAT / %:    22

Country of sale :    Slovenia

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Touch Anti-cellulite patch

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