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These terms and conditions (the "Conditions") govern the use of the website ( services, local and mobile applications and applications 1TruHealth and their integration into other websites, applications and services (collectively " 1TruHealth services "). If several language versions of the terms and conditions exist, the version in German language is the only valid version.

Certain features and options may not be available for all 1TruHealth services, or may require the registration of a 1TruHealth account.

The contractual partner of a user is the Vanegas Schäfer Family Office UG (limited liability), Rohrmoos-Untertal-Str. 4, 35619 Braunfels, Germany. The contracting party is referred to below as "1TruHealth".

Cancellation policy

If you use 1TruHealth as a consumer, you have the following

Right of withdrawal

You have the right to this contract within fourteen days without giving any reason. The revocation period is fourteen days from the date of the contract.

To exercise your right of withdrawal, you must inform us by mail, telephone or e-mail by means of a clear statement (eg a letter sent by post, fax or e-mail) of your decision to withdraw from this contract , You can use the attached model withdrawal form, which is not required. In order to maintain the cancellation period, it is sufficient for you to send the notification of the exercise of the right of withdrawal before the expiry of the withdrawal period.

Consequences of Withdrawal from

If you withdraw from this contract, we will have you all the payments we have received from you, including delivery charges (except for the additional costs arising from the fact that you have a different type of delivery than that offered by us, the most favorable standard delivery), immediately and at the latest within fourteen days from the day on which the notice of your cancellation of this contract has been received by us. For this repayment, we use the same means of payment that you used in the original transaction, unless otherwise agreed with you; In no case will you be charged for this repayment fees.

If you have requested that the services be commenced during the period of cancellation, you must pay us a reasonable amount equal to the proportion of services already provided by you at the time you inform us of the exercise of the right of withdrawal in respect of this contract Comparison with the total volume of services provided for in the contract.

Model withdrawal form

(If you want to revoke the contract, then please fill out this form and send it back.)

- To the Vanegas Schäfer Family Office UG (haftungsbeschränkt), Rohrmoos-Untertal-Str. 4, 35619 Braunfels

- I / We hereby withdraw from the contract (*) concluded by me / us (*) for the following service (*)

- Ordered on (*)

- Name of the consumer (s)

- Address of the consumer (s)

- Signature of the consumer (s) (only if communicated on paper)

- Date


(*) Delete as appropriate.

§1 Description of Services

1. By means of the 1TruHealth services, 1TruHealth offers a marketplace on which natural and legal persons and partnerships ("users") in offers of sale ("offer"), goods and services of all kinds ("articles") offered (in this capacity "seller") and acquired (in this capacity "buyer") and others Contents may be published, provided that their offer, purchase or publication does not violate any legal provisions, these terms and conditions or the 1TruHealth principles. 1TruHealth itself does not offer any articles and does not become a party to the contracts concluded between users of this marketplace.

2. 1TruHealth advertises the 1TruHealth services and introduces others 1TruHealth companies and third parties for this purpose have access to the content of the users To promote the content on websites, in software applications and in e-mails.

3. 1TruHealth has the right to technically process offers and other content of users in such a way that they can also be displayed on mobile terminals or software applications of 1TruHealth or third parties. The offers and other content of users can also be accessed via the 1TruHealth services of other countries. Offers and other content can be automatically translated for this purpose. 

4. Despite various security measures, it can not be ruled out that incorrect contact details have been stored for a 1TruHealth account or have changed in the meantime.

5. Offers and other contents of users published by 1TruHealth services do not represent the opinion of 1TruHealth and are in principle not checked by 1TruHealth for their legality, correctness and completeness.

6. 1TruHealth may impose certain conditions on the use of the 1TruHealth services or individual functions of the 1TruHealth services or the extent to which individual functions can be used, such as verification of the registration data, duration of use, account type (private / commercial), status of the evaluation profile (including detailed seller ratings), payment patterns, or evidence (eg proof of identity, purchase, payment, or ownership) required for submission. In particular, TruHealth may, under certain conditions, restrict the purchase activities of a user and also make the submission of bids subject to further conditions such as prior verification.,

7. 1TruHealth reserves the right, within its principles, to change the order in its marketplace, insofar as this is reasonable for the users taking into account the legitimate interests of 1TruHealth.

8. The right of users to use the 1TruHealth services exists only in the context of the current state of the art. 1TruHealth temporarily restricts its services if this is necessary in terms of capacity limits, the security or integrity of the servers or for the implementation of technical measures, and this serves the proper or improved provision of the services (maintenance work). In such cases, 1TruHealth takes into account the legitimate interests of users, for example through prior information. § 8 of these GTC (limitation of liability) remains unaffected by the above regulation.

9. If an unforeseen system failure impedes the use of the 1TruHealth services, users will be informed in an appropriate manner. 

10. The regulation under § 1 para. 8 does not apply to the maintenance work listed under § 1 (8). Offers that end during such maintenance will not be renewed, although it is not possible to buy during this time. Credits for fees are not granted.

§2 Registration and 1TruHealth account

1. The use of 1TruHealth services as a seller requires the registration as a user. The registration takes place by opening a 1TruHealth account in agreement with these terms and conditions and the privacy policy. By signing up, 1TruHealth and the user enter into a contract for the use of the 1TruHealth services (hereinafter referred to as the "User Agreement"). A claim for conclusion of a user contract does not exist.

2. Registration is only permitted for legal entities, partnerships and unlimited legal capacity of natural persons. In particular, minors may not register for the use of 1TruHealth services.

3. The data requested by 1TruHealth at registration must be complete and correct. The telephone number must not be a value-added service telephone number and the address can not be a mailbox. Users who use the 1TruHealth services in the course of their commercial or independent professional activity are required to open a commercial 1TruHealth account and to complete their registration data with the legally required information. If a user converts his private 1TruHealth account into a commercial 1TruHealth account, then from the point in time of the changeover onward, the regulations for commercial users contained in these terms and conditions and the 1TruHealth principles apply to him.

4. The registration of a legal entity or partnership may only be carried out by a natural person who is authorized to represent and who must be named. When registering individuals, only individuals may be designated as holders of the 1TruHealth account (ie, no married couples or families).

5. If the specified data changes after logging in, the user is obliged to immediately update the information in his 1TruHealth account.

6. Users must keep their password secret and carefully secure access to their 1TruHealth account. Users are required to immediately notify 1TruHealth if there are indications that a 1TruHealth account has been misused by third parties.

7. An 1TruHealth account is not transferable.

8. 1TruHealth reserves the right to delete 1TruHealth accounts of incomplete registrations after a reasonable time. The same applies to 1TruHealth accounts that have not been used for a long time. Before deleting such an account, 1TruHealth informs the user in a timely manner. If the account is subsequently used again, no deletion takes place.

§3 Use of the 1TruHealth services, prohibited articles and content

1. It is the responsibility of the user to ensure that his offers and content (in particular images and other information) are legal and do not violate the rights of third parties.

2. It is forbidden to offer or promote 1TruHealth products whose offer, sale or purchase violates any legal requirements that violate 1TruHealth principles, third party rights or morality. 1TruHealth reserves the right to make the sale of certain articles subject to requirements that go beyond the statutory provisions. 

3. It is forbidden to manipulate the prices of own or third party offers or to buy own articles by using several 1TruHealth accounts or in co-operation with other users.

4. It is forbidden to manipulate the search functions of the 1TruHealth services, eg by misleading brand names or other search terms into the article description or description. 

5. Sellers must the principles for setting items beachth to adjust their product to the nature and describe correct and complete with words and pictures. All the characteristics and characteristics essential for the purchase decision, as well as defects that reduce the value of the offered goods, must be given truthfully. In addition, the payment and delivery conditions must be fully informed.

6. To make it easier for sellers to offer articles and provide buyers with a more relevant buying experience, 1TruHealth maintains a 1TruHealth catalog that includes information (pictures, videos, product names, brands, logos, trade names, features and descriptions, etc.) about specific products ( "Product data") are stored. If a seller makes use of product data provided by 1TruHealth when making an offer and subsequently changes it in the 1TruHealth catalog, they can also be updated automatically in the user's offer.

7. Due to technical reasons it is possible that offers can not be found immediately after being set via the category search or with the help of search terms. If a user does not make a selection, the order of the search results depends on various factors, such as the offer format, product name, number of search queries, number of sales, remaining time, price, amount of shipping costs and seller standards. 

8. The article description as well as the pictures used here may refer exclusively to the offered article. Advertising for items not offered by 1TruHealth is prohibited. Sellers may not use any quality labels, warranty marks, or other third-party symbols when using the 1TruHealth Services, unless 1TruHealth authorizes such symbols.

9. Vendors who offer goods or services to consumers in the course of their commercial or independent professional activity are obliged to provide them with the legally required consumer protection information and to inform them about the existence or non-existence of the statutory right of revocation.

10. The price of each article is understood as the final price including any applicable VAT and other price components. The selling price does not include the delivery and shipping costs.

11. Sellers are not allowed to claim 1TruHealth fees, PayPal fees or commissions from buyers in addition to the retail price.

12. Users may not use addresses, e-mail addresses and other contact details obtained through the use of 1TruHealth services for purposes other than contractual and pre-contractual communication. In particular, it is forbidden to resell this data or to use it for the purpose of sending advertising, unless the respective user has expressly previously agreed or not objected to it in accordance with the applicable legal provisions.

13. Users are responsible for archiving 1TruHealth services and information stored by 1TruHealth that they need for purposes of keeping records, accounting records or for other purposes on a storage medium independent of 1TruHealth.

14. Users may not block, overwrite or modify content generated by 1TruHealth or other users, or interfere in any way with the 1TruHealth services, in particular if this could result in an excessive burden on the 1TruHealth infrastructure.

§4 Sanctions, Blocking and Termination

1. 1TruHealth may take the following measures if there are concrete indications that a user violates legal regulations, third party rights, the GTC or the 1TruHealth principles or if 1TruHealth has any other legitimate interest, in particular for protection the user against fraudulent activity:

• deleting bids, offers, ratings or other content

• warning users

• delaying the publication of offers and other content

• temporarily hiding offers on the search results

• pagerestricting the use of 1TruHealth services, in particular the purchase activities (including the requirement to verify bids)

• Withdrawal of a special seller status

• Provisional blocking

• Final blocking

When choosing a measure, 1TruHealth considers the legitimate interests of the affected user, in particular whether there are indications that the user was not responsible for the breach.

2. TruHealth may definitively exclude a user from the use of 1TruHealth services (permanent suspension) if

• he has repeatedly received negative reviews or low detailed seller ratings and the suspension is required to protect the interests of other users.

• he has provided incorrect contact information.

• He transfers his 1TruHealth account or grants access to third parties.

• significantly harms other users or 1TruHealth.

• repeatedly violates these terms and conditions or the 1TruHealth policy.

• there is another important reason.

After a user has been finally banned, there is no right to Restore the suspended 1TruHealth account or rating profile.

3. Users canthis user agreement at anytime cancel.

4. 1TruHealth may terminate the license agreement at any time with a notice period of 14 days to the end of the month. The right of blocking remains unaffected.

5. Once a user is suspended or the 1TruHealth user agreement has been terminated, that user may no longer use the 1TruHealth services with other 1TruHealth accounts and may not re-register. A blocking or termination has no effect on the effectiveness of contracts already concluded on the 1TruHealth marketplace.

§5 Fees

1. For the offering of articles and for the use of additional options, 1TruHealth charges fees from the seller. If an item is sold, the seller has to pay 1TruHealth a sales commission. The amount of the individual fees as well as the sales commission is based on the current fee schedule, which can be viewed in the Service Agreement.

2. The individual fees and the sales commission are due for payment immediately and can be settled using the payment methods accepted by 1TruHealth. Fees for ongoing services (eg a 1TruHealth shop) will be charged in advance. If the debt collection fails, the user has to reimburse 1TruHealth for any additional costs incurred, as far as he is responsible for the failure.

3. 1TruHealth charges the fees and sales commissions incurred monthly. 1TruHealth informs the seller by e-mail about the provision of the respective invoice. The full invoice can be retrieved by the seller in his 1TruHealth account.

4. Sellers will be in default without further reminder after a period of 30 days after notification of the invoice amount.

5. Sellers are prohibited from bypassing the 1TruHealth fee structure. 

6. 1TruHealth reserves the right to charge a fee offor the deletion of offers or other content or for the blocking of users 2.00€, as far as the user is responsible for the violation, unless the user shows that damage did not occur at all or at a much lower level. Similarly, 1TruHealth may charge a fee for the re-activation of a blocked 1TruHealth account. 

7. 1TruHealth may change fees and sales commissions at any time. Price changes will be communicated to users in good time before entry into force.

§6 Offer and conclusion of contract

1. 1TruHealth provides users with a variety of offer formats and functions in order to initiate or conclude contracts with the help of the 1TruHealth services. Sellers have the opportunity to offer their articles internationally via the 1TruHealth services. For this purpose, the seller can post an article directly on another 1TruHealth website. It is also possible to offer international shipping for selected items.

2. If a seller introduces an article by means of the 1TruHealth services, he makes a binding offer to conclude a contract for this article. He determines a fixed price. 

3. For fixed price offers, the buyer accepts the offer by clicking on the "Buy" button and completing the immediately following payment transaction. The buyer may also accept offers for multiple items by placing the items in the shopping cart and completing the immediately subsequent payment transaction.

4. In certain categories, the seller can provide his offer with a price proposal function. The Price Proposal feature allows buyers and sellers to negotiate the price of an item. 

5. The buyer is always obliged to pay in advance. Unless buyer and seller agree otherwise, the purchase price is due immediately and paid by the buyer on the payment methods offered by the seller. 1TruHealth reserves the right to restrict the payment methods available to a buyer for the purpose of risk management.

6. Sellers must be able to transfer the goods offered to the buyer immediately after conclusion of the contract. 

§7 Ratings

1. Users can rate each other and publicly accessible after carrying out a transaction. Buyers canindividual aspects ofalsoa seller's performance through detailed seller evaluateratings. The reviews are not reviewed by 1TruHealth and may be inaccurate or misleading.

2. Users are obliged to provide only truthful information in the submitted evaluations. The ratings submitted by users must be factual and must not contain any censure.

3. Any improper use of the rating system is prohibited. In particular, it is forbidden:

• to submit reviews about yourself or have them submitted by third parties.

• to incorporate into circumstances circumstances that are not related to the settlement of the transaction in question.

• Use ratings for a purpose other than trading through the 1TruHealth services.

• Forcing other users to threaten or threaten to submit, or fail to provide, an assessment of an act, acquiescence, or omission.

§8 Limitation of Liability

1. 1TruHealth is liable according to the statutory provisions for intent and gross negligence of 1TruHealth, its legal representatives, officers or other vicarious agents. The same applies to the assumption of warranties or other no-fault liability as well as to claims under the Product Liability Act or culpable injury to life, limb or health. 1TruHealth is basically liable for 1TruHealth, its representatives, executives and simple vicarious agents simply negligent breaches of essential contractual obligations, ie such obligations on the performance of which the user regularly trusts and trust in the proper performance of the contract, but in this case the amount after limited to the typical, foreseeable damage.

2. Further liability of 1TruHealth is excluded.

3. Insofar as the liability of 1TruHealth is excluded or limited, this also applies in favor of the personal liability of its legal representatives, executives and simple vicarious agents.

§9 Exemption

The user indemnifies 1TruHealth from all claims that other users or other third parties assert against 1TruHealth for infringement of their rights by offers and other content posted by the user via the 1TruHealth services or due to their other use of the 1TruHealth services. The user assumes the costs of the necessary legal defense of 1TruHealth including all legal fees and legal fees. This does not apply if the infringement is not the responsibility of the user. In the event of a third-party claim, the user is obliged to immediately, truthfully and completely provide 1TruHealth with all information necessary for the examination of the claims and a defense.

§10 Final provisions

1. For the purpose of fulfilling the contract and exercising the rights to 1TruHealth under this contract, 1TruHealth may use other 1TruHealth companies.

2. 1TruHealth is entitled, with a notice period of four weeks, to transfer all or part of its rights and obligations under this contract to a third party.

3. 1TruHealth can propose to the user at any time a change of these terms and conditions. Changes to these terms and conditions are offered to the user no later than 30 days before the proposed date of their effectiveness in writing (eg by e-mail). The consent of the user shall be deemed to have been given if the refusal prior to the proposed effective date of the changes to 1TruHealth is displayed in text form. If the user does not agree with the changes, he is entitled to a termination right free of charge until the proposed date of entry into force of the changes (see § 4 no. 3 of these GTC). 1TruHealth also reminds the user in the message with which the changes are offered, in particular, the right of refusal, the time limit and the possibility of termination. The changed terms and conditions will be published additionally on the 1TruHealth website.

4. Should individual provisions of these terms and conditions be or become invalid in whole or in part or ineffective, this shall not affect the validity of the remaining provisions. In place of disclaimed or ineffective provisions of these terms and conditions, the law of law. Insofar as such law is not available in the respective case (loopholes) or would lead to an unsustainable result, the parties will enter into negotiations to adopt an effective provision which comes as close as possible to their economic effect, rather than the unincorporated or invalid provision.

5. All declarations that are submitted within the framework of the contract of use concluded with 1TruHealth must be made in writing or in text form (eg by e-mail).

6. The contract of use including these terms and conditions is subject to German law. The application of the UN Sales Convention is excluded. For consumers residing in the EU, the mandatory provisions of consumer protection law of the Member State in which you reside also apply.

7. 1TruHealth is neither willing nor obliged to participate in dispute settlement proceedings before a consumer arbitration board.

8. For users who are merchants within the meaning of the Commercial Code, a special fund under public law or a legal entity under public law, Frankfurt / Main is the exclusive place of jurisdiction for all disputes arising from the user agreement and these Terms and Conditions.

9. For users who are consumers, there is a place of jurisdiction at the User's place of residence and at the headquarters of 1TruHealth. For all disputes arising from the contract of use and these terms and conditions, additional place of jurisdiction for consumers is Frankfurt / Main.