Curcumin is a natural chemical produced by the turmeric plant (similar to ginger). It is bright yellow in color and is marketed as an herbal supplement, ingredient used in cosmetics, food flavorings, and food coloring.  For the past few years there has been a tremendous interest in the effects of turmeric curcumin and the way it affects the human body.
There are currently hundreds (if not thousands) of companies bottling and selling the ancient spice to remedy joint conditions, boost your immune system and keep your heart healthy. However, the results depend on the amount you’re taking and how well your body absorbs it. Turmeric curcumin is big business these days as more people search for natural cures and remedies for the aches and pains that come with age. Before you buy-research all supplements thoroughly, where they’re made and any other chemicals or ingredients that may be added. Talk to your doctor about other patient’s success rates and always adhere to the recommended dosage for you.


This is the bottom line when it comes to absorption. It is the fraction or actual amount of the turmeric curcumin that your body actually can use. The only way to receive 100% curcumin is to administer it intravenously, and this method could result in very harmful side effects. This leaves the oral method, leaving you with endless choices and countless companies willing to sell inferior forms of turmeric that are almost totally curcumin-free.
The good news is, there are some reputable companies marketing clinically studied supplements with patented technologies that are better absorbed by the body. It is imperative that the consumer learn what to look for when researching supplements as many people take several different brands for various conditions during their lifetime.

Today’s Curcumin

Recent clinical studies report turmeric curcumin is effective in promoting healthy joints, maintaining heart health and boost cognitive functions. Research also shows that when turmeric curcumin is taken as a supplement, it may help keep the body’s immune system in balance and working correctly.  
Scientific progress in solid lipid nanotechnology has improved and promoted the absorption of curcumin by the body, which is evident from clinical studies that access tissues across the blood-brain barrier for 24-hours. A daily 400 milligram dose of this increased bioavailable formula did result to notable joint comfort.
The more absorbable curcumin was also clinically proven to improve mobility and flexibility throughout the entire body while providing cardiovascular benefits, improving cognitive health, and supporting the immune system. 

How Turmeric Curcumin May Benefit You

    • Decrease joint pain
    • Enhance awareness and brain function
    • Improve heart health
    • Strengthen immune system
    • Fight Free Radicals 
    • Promote bodily mobility and flexibility
    • Improve digestion
    • Increase antioxidants
    • Decrease body pain
    • Improve overall well-being

    Here is a list of helpful shopping tips before purchasing turmeric curcumin:

    Check the Label for Potency
    Generic brands of curcumin are not clinically proven to work although the label states they are standardized to 95%. The difference being clinically proven forms of curcumin are bioavailable requiring only 400 milligrams daily to be effective. Keep in mind: quality over quantity. Buy highly bioavailable curcumin clinically proven to work.

    Doctor, Nutritionist Recommended
    Word of mouth may still be the best form of advertising so talk to your health care professional before starting any supplement regime. Ask how many patients are on the supplement and how they’re responding to treatment. Ask about brands, absorption, length of supplementation and potency before signing on. 

    Combining Curcumin with Boswellia Serrata
    Various ingredients have been added to turmeric curcumin to increase its absorption into the bloodstream. Clinical researchers state that when Boswellia serrata (known as frankincense) is added to the curcumin there was a decrease in joint pain. This occurred in individuals who took daily servings of between 400 to 800 milligrams. These two ingredients, when combined, increased their individual effectiveness exponentially. BioPerine and other black pepper extracts have also proved effective in increasing absorption.

    How Curcumin Benefits the Body

    Protects the Brain
    In one study, researchers report that curcumin slowed the accumulation of destructive beta amyloid protein in the brain: one of the signs of cognitive decline. It also destroyed existing plaques by empowering immune cells know as macrophages to clean out plaque debris.

    Overall Well-Being
    Research done in India states that curcumin can increase both serotonin and dopamine levels in humans. This results in a better mood. The researchers also report that when curcumin is used in combination with specific antidepressants, they can have a synergistic effect, resulting in increased effectiveness.

    How Curcumin Improves the Immune System

    Researchers report that curcumin molecules insert themselves into the membranes of cells resulting in more stability and order. This action makes the cell more resistant to attacks from destructive, disease producing microbes.

    Curcumin and Blood Sugar
    Subjects who took curcumin supplements for six weeks demonstrated significant improvement in their insulin resistance and glucose tolerance. The subjects showed an increase of an insulin producing enzyme that plays a significant role in the blood sugar increase following meals.

    Curcumin Increases the Benefits of Other Supplements
    Researchers from UCLA report that a combining curcumin with vitamin D was successful in clearing amyloid plaques in the brains of individuals suffering from cognitive decline. Another study shows that when curcumin is combined with green tea extract the effectiveness of both is increased in reducing cell mutations.


    Curcumin is recognized as safe in the USA however, if you’re pregnant or nursing, beware of side effects including uterine stimulation. The most common side effects are stomach upset, nausea and diarrhea. Skin irritation can occur if applied topically and if you are taking blood thinners talk to your doctor first as curcumin can increase the risk of bleeding.
    Avoid generic Ingredients! The popularity of turmeric curcumin supplements is worldwide making it easy for unscrupulous vendors and manufacturers to lie about the ingredients. You have to do the necessary research to find the companies you can trust. Don’t go by reviews alone as many of the testimonials have been contracted and paid for. 
    It is vital that you find a reputable source for your supplements containing 100% clinically proven ingredients. Much research shows positive results for many health conditions but you have to be smart and knowledgeable about what you’re putting in your body. A very smart way of verifying the safety and effectiveness is by third-party verification where there is no monetary gain for reporting their experience.
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